Prospecting & Business Development™ Workshop
Past Attendee Testimonials

"Being a seasoned sales professional, we often think we can't be helped but this (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop challenged my thinking and really provided me and my team the power to structure our own action plan and next steps. It's also nice to hear the real-life selling stories that Gary had to share with the class; those stories really helped put the content into context for me. The best takeaway is the actionable plan provided in the workshop, which I think will benefit our prospecting greatly."

Andrew Miller, Strategic Account Manager

"The best part of the prospecting workshop was walking away with a process for prospecting that goes beyond just basic cold calling. This process takes a necessary evil of my daily sales activities and turns it into something that I can use to get genuine results. I found the information about using technology to work for me, such as using InsideView and LinkedIn to watch for triggering events, immensely useful. The detailed 10-day plan that Gary presented at the end of the class also gave me the specific daily goals I can use to put the process into practice right away."

Cheryl Crawford, Strategic Account Manager

"Being newer to sales, I registered for this (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop not knowing where to start with prospecting. After attending, this workshop gave me the hands-on tools and an actionable plan that I can take away and execute. I feel like it has now given me the confidence I need to be successful going forward. With the tools, provocative messaging and tangible plan that I can now put into motion, I'll be able to gain more mindshare from my prospects and ultimately secure more business."

Brian Burke, Regional Sales Manager
Spring Mobile Solutions

"I enjoyed the (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop. This workshop recaps and acts as a refresher putting to work some of the lessons from the 3-day CustomerCentric Selling® class. The prospecting idea of Thunder and Lightening coupled with a good drip campaign were very strategic. The email templates were also an excellent tool and can be applied to any industry. It really takes the guesswork out of what you're prospecting and puts you in the driver's seat. The social networking strategies are going to be a powerful tool to assist me with my prospecting campaigns and building a refererancable network."

Suzanne Franks, Senior Inside Sales Associate

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for your guidance and for the CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop. It has taken me the last couple of years to really build CCS® discovery and prospecting skills into my behavior. However, I am finally seeing success! Not only am I getting to the table with my top prospects, I am engaging in meaningful discussions and finding larger projects. Woo hoo! It's working!

Shelly Baldwin, Corporate Account Executive