Sales Training Workshops: Financial Impact Selling for Sales Leaders (Open to Public)

"This is the current state of sales evolution. The salesperson needs to understand the economics of his or her own products and services as well as the economics of competitive products and services. The salesperson must be able to explain his or her product's advantages in terms of net savings and cost reduction. This is a major shift in the salesperson's skill set. Most salespeople have little, if any financial training." --American Society of Training and Development 


Financial Impact Selling™ teaches sales leaders to think, speak, and sell with greater clarity and confidence in the Financial Impact Language of senior decision makers. This earns them greater face time with senior buyers and leads naturally to closing more and bigger sales. More importantly, it gives sales leaders a framework to teach and mentor their sales force to be better financial sellers.

The program also gives sales leaders more insight and action-steps to improve their own company's cash flow (e.g., the impact of extended terms and slow collections on Days Sales Outstanding or Receivable Days) and profitability (e.g. the impact of discounting on gross margin).


Financial Impact Selling™ for Sales Leaders accomplishes the above goals in a friendly, practical way. This public program is convenient with online, on-demand components, blended with special customized tools and online, live coaching and mentoring. The program is delivered in action-focused, easily absorbed segments over a 17-week period. It is a total of 22-24 hours of total learning with:

  • 8-9 hours of online learning - self study
  • 5-6 hours of practical application with real numbers and practical tools
  • 9 hours of small group mentoring or one-on-two coaching sessions using a live, online, Webinar format
  • Real-time practice and implementation
  • Class size: up to 8 participants

This program combines the best of three (3) learning platforms:

1. Over-time online learning - 60-70% less expensive while creating twice the retention of "all-at-once" classroom training; safe, private learning environment; on-demand anytime, anywhere.

2. Live, group mentoring on the web - a place to ask questions, practice and lock-in online learning.

3. Practical application and selling tools - immediate transfer of financial skills and concepts to real-time customer issues and metrics.


Financial Impact Selling™ for Sales Leaders transforms the financial confidence and skill level of sales leaders and helps them:

1. Gather financial impact testimonials from existing customers using a "Customer Outcomes™" process.

2. Build their confidence with Financial Statements and Financial Statement bottom lines, crucial drivers and key measures.

3. Become conversant in the financial language of business, which is the native tongue for high-level decision makers.

4. Create a series of "Economic Impact Questions™" to open and conduct more precise analysis and discussion around a customer's strategic financial objectives.

5. Master a powerful sales opening or deepening tool, the "Industry-Segment Analyzer™. The Analyzer enables sellers to talk to public or private company decision makers about industry-specific numbers and competitive metrics.

6. More effectively prepare their teams and reports for making higher-margin sales with senior decision makers.

7. Participate with greater confidence and clarity in helping their own company achieve its internal strategic financial objectives.

Who should attend:

This course is open to sales leaders for their own development or who are evaluating financial training for their sales teams. This course is also open to professional salespeople of all levels, skills, background and experience who wish to further advance their skill set with financial training.


17-week, online program.


$2,200 per student

How to Register:

Please contact Michael Higgins at or call +720.287.3557. Note: Please mention "CCS®" and this page when contacting Michael.