Sales Training Workshops: CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop

"Our prospects often ask: 'Why do only a few of our new hires turn into top producers?' The answer is actually quite simple. Frequently, the salespeople we train have been through numerous different training programs from which they have adopted the things they like and discarded the things which require "heavy lifting". For the organization to achieve the results it is hoping for requires more than skills training, it requires behavior modification. However, in order for the behavior to be modified, the instructor must first have credibility. That is why the only instructors we put in front of our clients and their salespeople have to have personally implemented CustomerCentric Selling® at one or more organizations."

-- Frank Visgatis, President & Chief Operating Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company


Would it help if, when engaged with a potential prospect, your sales people understood and could execute a sales process, aligned with how companies buy high technology products; a repeatable systematic sales process that they could follow to take a prospect from interest development to closure, so that your company could begin to eliminate or minimize those loses to 'no decision'?


Common Sales Issues Solved
In this sales training workshop, sales people will learn how to execute the key selling skills, including:

  • prospecting/business development
  • need development
  • identification and creation of unique business value
  • prospect qualification and disqualification
  • sales process control
  • negotiation and expectation management

In addition to attending lectures to understand the "how and why", participants will be required to practice these skills in their three (3) in-class labs, seven (7) role-plays with their CustomerCentric Selling® coach and in their evening group Case Study assignment.

The Case Study assignment (team size: 4 - 6 participants) focuses on improving the probability of success in a large "live" opportunity. The participants have the opportunity to form or fine-tune specific strategies on how to better handle an existing large opportunity using CustomerCentric Selling® tactics and tools. The evening work culminates with a presentation to the entire group on the final day of the workshop. This item alone has resulted in an immediate return of the program costs for many companies.

The organizational benefit is increased revenues, improved forecasting accuracy, and most importantly, improved margins. Margin improvements typically come from shorter sales cycles, more effective marketing campaigns and a lower cost of sales management and administration due to the implementation of repeatable objective processes.

This instructor-led sales training workshop is delivered publicly and to individual organizations. Content can be customized to reflect the client's specific product/service offering and markets.

Who should attend

Sales executives, managers and representative. Anyone within the organization who interacts with prospects/customer or supports the sales function. Ideally suited for marketing, pre-sales consultants and post-sales support personnel.




Three and a half (3.5) days

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