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"The combination of the right management team, armed with and consistently using the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process, is enormously powerful for driving top line results. For all the members of my team, this is becoming absolutely integral to how we manage our sales channel and how we sell. It's how we drive this train, and it works."

Russ Camacho, VP Sales
L-3 Communications


"Overall, the impact of CustomerCentric Selling® has exceeded my expectations and changed our company for the better. The financial results are there, the salespeople see the value and the company presents a better image to customers: they see us as helping them address their needs and goals."

John Petze, CEO
Tridium, Inc.


"CustomerCentric Selling® is the cornerstone of our strategic plan for continued growth and market dominance. In sales, there is no prize for second place. CustomerCentric Selling® gives our salespeople the competitive edge by teaching them how to develop deals they are sure to win."

Carl Long, CEO
Reams Document Imaging

Reams Document Imaging

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Please identify sales areas in which you are interested or would like help: (check all that apply)

Please identify sales areas in which you are interested or would like help: (check all that apply)

Implement a repeatable, auditable, scalable sales process
Shorten start up times for new sales people
Improve business development and prospecting efforts by the sales team
Increase our win rates against our competitors
How to use product and service differentiators to our sales advantage
Obtain access to, and sell, to executive decision makers
Converse effectively with key executive decision makers
Develop sales collateral that help sales people sell
Relate how our 'offering' can be used to achieve key executive goals
Establish and communicate the value of our offering to key executives
Control and manage complex sales cycles
Eliminate 'no decisions' by prospects
Consistent sales opportunity grading across sales organization
Improve forecasting accuracy
Exercise control and drive more business through the channel

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