Rethinking the Sales Cycle

Co-authored by Tim Young and CustomerCentric Selling® Co-founder and Chief Content Officer, John Holland

Published by McGraw-Hill

Vendors' usage of the term "sales cycle" speaks volumes about the fact that they are more inward focused rather than customer-centric. Despite the pervasive, negative stereotype of salespeople, few companies have appreciably changed their sales approaches over the last 30 years. The introductions of sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) have had minimal, positive impact on buyers, partly because their foundations were how vendors want to sell and not how buyers want to buy.

Buyers have years of pent-up frustration with "being sold." Everyone has war stories from when they felt sellers manipulated, took advantage of or outright lied to them. As a result, buyers are instinctively distrustful of sellers that fail to rise above the stereotype. Vendors have cast a deaf ear to the fact that buyers want to buy - not be sold.

The advent of the Internet has brought websites, blogs and social networking to empower buyers to engage salespeople much later in buying cycles than ever before. If and when they choose to speak with salespeople, buyers are knowledgeable about their requirements and will resist traditional selling efforts to alter them. Vendors in search of a sustainable competitive advantage have failed to understand that sellers that can align with new buying behavior will provide superior buying experiences. Rethinking the Sales Cycle provides insights into buying cycles and a roadmap of how a salesperson's role must change to align with buyers.

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