Sales Training Success: Testimonials

"Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of a great CustomerCentric Selling® experience. I realize salespeople have a tough job and I respect them for continuing to fight. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone with the role-playing exercises. I really appreciate it and it has given me the courage to get out of my comfort zone, helping sales staff with prospecting, and giving me the 'guts' to pursue sales from a 'hunter' standpoint."

Brenda Burgos
Account Manager
Thomson Reuters

"I am glad to have had the opportunity to participate in the CustomerCentric Selling® workshop, which was very valuable. It was great how we were provided examples and stories to go with each topic, and the suggestions of what to say were extremely helpful to put things into perspective. The role-play scenarios were very valuable, and it was great being able to work with various coaches and learn from each different coaching style as well."

John Tam
Solutions Engineer

"I am doing very well this quarter, and finishing out over 200% to goal this month. My pipeline is also starting to build up, so I am not anticipating any hangover months. I actually closed a deal yesterday that was a result of a solid withdrawal letter after the prospect went dark. The letter has won 3 different deals that were at risk in the past month or so. Continuing to sharpen my CCS® tools and give my best effort to get better everyday."

Justin Eckert

"Thanks again for the letting me be a part of the sales training earlier this month. It has already made a huge difference in my selling process. My Sales Manager stated yesterday on a conference call, 'It's like you've been born again!'"

Brad Blair
Territory Account Executive

"We had a record sales month in my areas in December. We ran the board in mid to enterprise level deals. The adoption of CustomerCentric Selling® has had a positive impact on those segments!"

Jason Covert

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you did this past week with our training. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®). I feel like I now have a toolbox of skills that will take me through hopefully a long successful career. All of the coaches did a wonderful job as well. I will continue to sing the praises of CCS®."

Marlo Scott
Account Executive

"The results speak for themselves. Implementing CCS® has allowed us to increase the average opportunity size and improve forecast accuracy. All in all, great return for our investment."

Adrian Pina
VP of International Sales
Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information

"Thanks again for facilitating some of the best sales training I believe I've had in my career. It was grueling, but on-point for where we need to lead our sales teams."

Phil Sheridan
Wow, Inc.

"We finished the year strong. December was a bang up month for the Online Sales Team. We had the largest month ever, the largest chain deal ever and the largest single facility deal ever!

All in part, because of my good friends at CCS®!"

Drew Breeden
Director of Sales and Operations

"This (Sales Process Management™) workshop provides me with all the tools I need to manage a CCS®-oriented sales team. I now clearly understand when to provide feedback and when to coach. I can clearly see the best areas of focus for each of my salespeople. My sales meetings are purposeful and focused, and I now have insightful reporting/measurement tools to manage the CCS® sales process. Even more, I now have a real pipeline that closes when predicted. I am now in a position to be proactive as a manager instead of firefighting in a reactive way all the time. The workshop progress throughout the day was measured and insightful at all turns. This course has allowed me to focus on the things that I can control as opposed to the things I can't. I can now better manage the sales team and help them to succeed. When they succeed, I succeed. That's all I really want."

Barry McIntyre
Business Development Director

"I felt the (Sales Process Management™) workshop was very detailed and covered a wide range of valuable topics. The workshop was very beneficial. The instructor had the audience engaged and participating, which helped with the overall learning experience."

Lauren Mallory

"I thought (the Sales Process Management™ workshop) was excellent; it covers a lot in one day. Really like how they drill down on how to accomplish items at hand, not just broad concepts."

Doug Wideman
RGS Energy

"The (Sales Process Management™ workshop) instructor was very good at pacing and presentation. He obviously knows the subject matter and the real world context. I felt the content was relevant and on target with the CCS® training."

Frank Keith

"This was an engaging, fast-paced, informative and highly valuable (Sales Process Management™) workshop. If made available, I'd like to consider hosting one for our Sales Ops and management team."

Jeff Giadone
Alere Health

"The content was actionable and valuable. Dan (the Sales Process Management™ workshop instructor) was very engaging. I would recommend the course to any manager implementing CCS®."

Adrian Fluckiger

"The (Sales Process Management™) instructor did a great job relaying stories to get his point across. Content was very comprehensive and covered a multitude of subjects."

Phillipe Mathis
WeDo Technologies

"Great (Sales Process Management™) workshop overall. Very inspiring for a new manager such as myself, and working with a team that is new to the CCS® sales process. I got a lot out of the pipeline examples, sample letters and the group critique of the example deliverables."

Raphael Schiffman
RGS Energy

"The (Sales Process Management™) workshop was incredibly worthwhile for me with no experience in sales management."

Jeff Wallace
Debt Compliance

"I wanted to share some of my successes with you. I finished top rep for my region last quarter here at Winshuttle and I'm looking good for this quarter as well. I attribute my success to CCS® and I'm seeing fruits of all the work I put in to learning the process from you. So, thank you for your help."

Brandon Kleiman
Strategic Account Executive

"I attended the CustomerCentric Selling® sales training program last week. Very impactful, relevant and well done. Highly recommend CCS®."

Frank Keith
Technology Sales Executive

"My success continues. This year my personal quota was 50 percent of the total corporate goal. I achieved it in Q1 and am on track to double or triple it. Your sales training was the key to refining my approach and taking me from 6 figure sales to 8 and 9 figure opportunities."

David Hisdal
Vice President Asia & Australia
Intermap Technologies, Inc.

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my CCS® training in Golden (CO) last week. Even though I have been in sales for approximately 15 years, I learned a great deal about how to focus on the customer and not the 'product.' I will most definitely spread the gospel about CCS® to others working in the sales profession. Thanks again for your excellent sales training programs."

Jill Goldsberry
Business Development Director, Global Markets
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for your guidance and for the CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop. It has taken me the last couple of years to really build CCS® discovery and prospecting skills into my behavior. However, I am finally seeing success! Not only am I getting to the table with my top prospects, I am engaging in meaningful discussions and finding larger projects. Woo hoo! It's working!"

Shelly Baldwin, Corporate Account Executive

"Being a seasoned sales professional, we often think we can't be helped but this (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop challenged my thinking and really provided me and my team the power to structure our own action plan and next steps. It's also nice to hear the real-life selling stories that Gary had to share with the class; those stories really helped put the content into context for me. The best takeaway is the actionable plan provided in the workshop, which I think will benefit our prospecting greatly."

Andrew Miller, Strategic Account Manager

"The best part of the prospecting workshop was walking away with a process for prospecting that goes beyond just basic cold calling. This process takes a necessary evil of my daily sales activities and turns it into something that I can use to get genuine results. I found the information about using technology to work for me, such as using InsideView and LinkedIn to watch for triggering events, immensely useful. The detailed 10-day plan that Gary presented at the end of the class also gave me the specific daily goals I can use to put the process into practice right away."

Cheryl Crawford, Strategic Account Manager

"Being newer to sales, I registered for this (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop not knowing where to start with prospecting. After attending, this workshop gave me the hands-on tools and an actionable plan that I can take away and execute. I feel like it has now given me the confidence I need to be successful going forward. With the tools, provocative messaging and tangible plan that I can now put into motion, I'll be able to gain more mindshare from my prospects and ultimately secure more business."

Brian Burke, Regional Sales Manager
Spring Mobile Solutions

"I enjoyed the (Prospecting & Business Development™) workshop. This workshop recaps and acts as a refresher putting to work some of the lessons from the 3-1/2 day CustomerCentric Selling® class. The prospecting idea of Thunder and Lightening coupled with a good drip campaign were very strategic. The email templates were also an excellent tool and can be applied to any industry. It really takes the guesswork out of what you're prospecting and puts you in the driver's seat. The social networking strategies are going to be a powerful tool to assist me with my prospecting campaigns and building a refererancable network."

Suzanne Franks, Senior Inside Sales Associate

From: Davis, Daryl R, AIG A&H
To: Gary Walker, CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®)
Subject: CCS® and AIG A&H


Good afternoon! Hope all is well. I'm sending you this e-mail as a follow-up to the CCS® sales training workshop I attended this past week. Please forward it to the five coaches as well.

So I've been in corporate America for almost 20 years now, and have experienced over a dozen seminars, classes, workshops, etc, but with respect to sales training, the CCS® workshop was by far the best I've attended. I'll offer a bit of color as to why.

The most remarkable aspect of the CCS® experience is much insight the teachers, coaches, authors, facilitators have about the sales process-especially you, Gary. This was immediately apparent in the book, with such references to stale leads that clog up pipelines for various reasons. That sort of candor is so valuable if salespeople and sales managers alike own such realities. Stated differently, managers frequently reinforce and even create bad habits for reps which lead to wasted time and opportunities. That sort of "own the reality" insight is, again, the most remarkable aspect of the CCS® experience and creates the perfect framework to learn and create a better future.

Within that framework of reality, CCS® then hits participants in the face with an incredibly well thought out approach to sales. The amount of thought and reflection that went into teaching us what now seems a very common sense approach is phenomenal. Going back into my sales group at AIG, my message will be that whoever goes to CCS® sales training must bring their "A" game.

The skills that I was able to learn will stick with me for the rest of my sales career. While I've always felt like I was a better than average salesperson, I now see how much better I can become, and this new perspective I attribute fully to CCS®.

Thanks so much,

Daryl Davis, Regional Sales Director, Specialty Markets
AIG Accident and Health

Thank you both very much for all of your work and effort last week. You have an exceptional program and I took a great deal away from it. I will be singing the praises of CCS® to anyone with an ear going forward! Thank you again, I look forward to practicing the techniques, approach and philosophy you have taught me.

Alex Shoker
Regional Sales Manager


Closed my first deal using the CCS® technique. The process was so easy and I was definitely in control of the deal. No wondering if they were going to buy or not. I knew it would close. Because of the sequence of events, we jointly determined that they needed more services because their timing was a little tight. I would have never caught that before.

Charlie Hymer
Rivet Software

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for a GREAT four days. I have been in sales for over 30 years - with that being said, your program is a testament to the fact that you are never too old to learn something new. I was glad that I was able to be part of your workshop that introduced me to a new sales methodology to approaching sales today. And finally, a special thanks to your Coaches; having the opportunity to work with most of them provided me with some personal insight to the program from their eyes.

Robert Davies

I believe this workshop was an overwhelming success. I'm confident the new ideas and process will increase our revenue opportunity.

Reid Mellot, Regional Vice President
Recondo Technology

I am a CCS® believer and feel those in my group have embraced CustomerCentric Selling® and are reaping the rewards of understanding the methodology.

Garland Jackson

The content was 100% on target!

Mark Winz, Sales Executive

Thank you for your investment and for providing me the opportunity to attend your Sales Process Management™ Workshop. It was extremely valuable in how it reinforced and revived some fundamental principles, philosophies and processes that will be paramount as I build my sales team.

Vince Tornillo, Director of Commercial Sales

I really enjoyed the workshop and think it was a great reinforcement for the work we did earlier this year. Aside from reinforcing the CCS® sales process, I really took a lot away from the coaching sessions, as well as the pipeline review areas as they relate to the numbers. It's great not only to have a framework for assessing a pipeline, but also to gain understanding into what those numbers mean. At the very least it will help my sales career, but I'm confident it will also help a ton as I move into sales leadership.

Matt Hammond, Solutions Specialist

What a great way to start the week! Last week I sent a version of the email you re-wrote for me to (my client) that said they 'love' everything about me and the company but couldn't move now. Then I waited a week for any response and decided that I had completely blown it but I didn't do anything but leave a message and wait. Then, I got a short email back this morning saying they 'love my style' and are 'not ready to close the door' and want to speak with me. I am forever grateful that you have helped give me the tools to be more assertive and to continue to control the conversation. THANK YOU!!!!

Beth Tennant, Account Executive

I wanted you to know that we purchased CustomerCentric Selling® for all of our sales reps. We have built our sales process upon your wonderful ideas. I have read many, many books on improving sales performance. However, NOTHING comes close to what you have provided.

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Thomas Wolfe, Professional Services Division
Simons Petroleum, Inc.

CustomerCentric Selling® is an order of magnitude improvement of Solution Selling® - easier, clearer, more direct and ultimately more effective.

Rick Wintheiser

I know that I got a career's worth of insights last week and was able to apply the principles immediately. The strategic approach you taught gives me a whole new respect for the selling process and the value that we add by assessing a corporate situation from a value and solution perspective, and not a product perspective.

You did a fantastic job facilitating the class, and the team-based, experiential setup of the class tripled the value of the class. Please let us know how we can support you going forward.

Awesome, awesome job!

Mike Wilmot, SQL Server Technical Specialist - Communications Sector North America
Microsoft, Inc.

Great course! Definitely puts a proven sales process in your hands and emphasizes the importance of using all of the steps in the process in order to take a prospect from initial interest to closure. Great class and a lot of fun too!

Chad Wanless, Technical Sales Representative
Actional, Inc.

CustomerCentric Selling® is the best process I have seen to ensure successful sales and sales management.

David Stone, Executive Vice President
Solutions-II, Inc.

I just wanted to say that there are many different sales training courses out there that promise the world, but CustomerCentric Selling® delivers. Upon completion of the 4 day course, I went back to work with a feeling of confusion, so I decided to apply CustomerCentric Selling® step by step, first concentrating on the Solution Development Prompter (SDP) ®, and writing Champion letters. We just finished our 1st quarter of 2003, my first 1st quarter, and I ended up closing the most business ever sold in Q1 in North American history for RedDot. Thanks for developing a system that doesn't promise to deliver results overnight but by the quarter.

Christian Rescate, Account Manager
RedDot Solutions, Inc.

This class provided me a new set of tools and processes, and has revolutionized the way my company will prospect and sell. I got back ten times my investment.

Jim Reed, Owner
Infinitek Corporation - MBS Partner

The team is definitely making good use of the training... was the best class/week I have ever participated in... that includes having attended.

Scott Pranger, EVP/Chief Executive Officer
Magnet Communications

We had SPIN training last year. Your CustomerCentric Selling® training was more comprehensive, much more professional - and a thousand times more valuable.

Conrad Morgiewicz, Regional Sales Manager
Cube Route, Inc.

CustomerCentric Selling® the best book on "selling" I have ever read. Well done. Most of the how to sell books are BS... More theory than real world sales experience.

I'm enjoying it so much that I would like to order 10 copies for the guys in my group as Christmas presents.

Tom Lacey

This course is crucial for organizing the sales team's way of selling, predicting revenue and closing business.

Don Imhoff, Vice President Channel Sales

This course directly impacts and improves upon a salesperson's ability to develop, manage and close any client - from a single individual to an enterprise-level corporation.

Eric Herman, Sales Engineer

I'd like to give you a status report on our success here at VanDyke since Jeff and I took your CustomerCentric Selling® training a little over a year ago.

We have closed 7 enterprise-level deals in 2004. This is equal to the total number of enterprise sales closed in the history of our company (founded in 1995)! Moreover, this year's enterprise revenue equals 140% of the company's total 1995-2003 enterprise revenue. Not bad. And we have a few more opportunities that may close before the end of the year.

Michael Hare, VP Business Development
Van Dyke Software

I finished reading CustomerCentric Selling® and I must say, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Having a 30-year selling career, I saw myself in a number of chapters, sometimes in the proper methods or thoughts, but in other chapters, I found a learning.

I think your methods are needed in the technology industry. Today, there is very little selling or another way of saying it, not enough conversations with decision makers. The lack of a defined sales process is evident where ever I go.

Jeff Hansen, Channel Sales Manager
Apple Computer

You'll learn from CustomerCentric Selling® that ROI is "old hat" and cost benefit is where it's at. The cost benefit Patient Care Technologies realized from the CustomerCentric Selling® program was immediately recognizable. The week following our training we were able to better qualify existing prospects, cancelled a "pray and spray" demonstration visit that saved a couple of thousands dollars and using the techniques gained respect and access to power almost immediately. While we've only just begun to use the methodology, we're well on our way to realizing our cost benefit.

Mark Hanna, Vice President of Sales
Patient Care Technologies

CustomerCentric Selling® is the best software sales book we've read in many years ever. There is so much good stuff, and it is so well written, we underlined passages and quotable truths on virtually every page.

Though it's filled with concrete examples and tactical tips, the real strength of this book is with strategy: If you can organize your software sales, marketing, and business functions as the authors describe, you'll be far, far ahead of the game.

Bruce Hadley, Editor

Great course! Definitely puts a proven sales process in your hands and emphasizes the importance of using all of the steps in the process in order to take a prospect from initial interest to closure. Great class and a lot of fun too!

Chad Wanless, Technical Sales Representative
Actional, Inc.

Customer Centric Selling® completely changed the way our organization approaches the sales process. Customer Centric Selling's revolutionary approach to understanding buyer psychology and practical suggestions for implementing new prospecting and selling procedures puts this program miles ahead of any other.

Probably the best sales training program I have ever encountered. Within four months of completing the course, my top sales person has landed over $350,000 in new business!

Jon Haber, CEO
SkillCheck, Inc.

The CustomerCentric Selling® course and book have been one of the most comprehensive and beneficial experiences in my sales career. Time will tell, but perhaps it has been the MOST beneficial experience!

Sean Fidler, Director, Enterprise Solutions

I want to thank you for an excellent sales seminar yesterday at Larta. Very practical in nature, I was able to implement much of the training within 24 hours; in fact, I'd like to share my experience just after the training to illustrate your training in action.

I went directly from the training to a sales presentation. Utilizing what you taught, I approached the presentation completely differently than I had previously. Instead of rushing to demo my product, I spent the time upfront exploring my prospects business model and goals/needs. In this way, I was able to tailor my presentation to address those issues which were most important to them. I know this sounds very obvious, but, because of the sheer breadth of my offering, I always tried the "shotgun" approach, hoping the client would, in essence, sell themselves. This new approach was much more effective for both parties.

Another outcome of the training was related to the Grading Opportunities - Funnel Milestones concepts. I have changed my sales forecasting design in my software to match your milestones, which has created a potent example of the power of the program to accomplish effective sales forecasting. I used this today in presentation and the prospect was very impressed and could relate in their own business.

I have a third outcome that I also want to share relative to your discussion of explaining what our product DOES, rather than what it IS. This was a very powerful lesson for me, since this helped me to finally focus my attention on how to properly present my software to prospects without getting bogged down in detail, which should be addressed much later in the sales cycle. This will help me during cold calls as well as early prospect meetings.

Mark Feldstein, President/CEO
Concentric Software

Thanks for a great week in the training! I really learned a lot from you and your team and of course the team I was associated with. The winning Delta team!

We had a wonderful time, even though it was brutal, but in the end we all came out better for it! Thanks for the updated email letters! Stay well and good selling!

Leonard Cibelli, Enterprise Business Manager - Southern Region
Guidance Software, Inc.

Most sales cycles reach a point where the opportunity disappears into a 'black hole'. CustomerCentric Selling® provides a process for engaging a prospective client and managing that opportunity to a logical conclusion. I strongly believe the tools that we were provided will allow us to better forecast and ultimately close more of the opportunities we are engaged in and avoid the frustration of having a prospect disappear after months and months of effort.

Frank Chisholm, CEO

I am about 3/4 of the way through the CustomerCentric Selling® book and I have to say at this point I am convinced that this is one of the best sales books that I have encountered. More specifically one of the most clear and concise outlines of a sales process as well. As you know I was fairly skeptical when we first spoke about bringing in a new process into our organization and had some doubts on its ability to be successful. While I know most of the company is in the beginning stages of utilizing the process, I can say with high confidence, if it used to its full potential that success will be ours for the taking. Our recent sessions together have really impacted the way not only think about our business of selling but the way I interact with my sales team each day.

Alley J Catyb II, Regional Sales Manager
MSC Software

I send an update to the entire company on what's happening in "Sales"... below is my most recent message... (Since I sent it out we finalized May YTD numbers... I'm at 143% of quota, worldwide, even with shortfalls in International... which is my new focus, now that I have my domestic business humming.)

Feel free to refer to our success with our CustomerCentric Selling® implementation to any of your students or prospects. And I also want you to know, that as powerful as Solution Selling was, this CustomerCentric Selling® has it absolutely nailed... Infinitely better, in subtle but incredibly important ways.

Thank god we got rid of the dreaded 9-boxes! This one works...

Russ Camacho, Director Sales
L-3 Communications Infrared Products

Customer Centric Selling® and its focus on prospect goals and objectives, has helped us accomplish two things: higher quality customer interactions, and better customer understanding of how they'll actually use our products and services to achieve their objectives.

Rick Betts, Principal Consultant

What I like best about Customer Centric Selling® is I don't have to force my sales team to implement the process, they want to use it because it works. Customer Centric Selling® provided Inovis with a total sales process, for each of our key sales channels to execute. It was easy for salespeople to learn and my management staff is able to coach and audit the process.

By taking the time to customize the process and create sales-ready messaging tools, our salespeople now have the "What to do" and "How to do it" roadmap.

Defining and implementing a sales process was vital for the success of our salespeople and our organization. Unlike other sales methodologies I've implemented in the past, Customer Centric Selling® really aligns the needs of my sales team with the needs of our buyers. I see them using it, I hear them using, I read their customer confirming follow-up letters, and best of all I see the results. This looks to be my teams best quarter yet.

Jack Bettin, Vice President of Sales

I'm using the CustomerCentric Selling® training every day! We are having "Record Sales" and I'm writing huge commission checks! Even with our success, I know we could do better!

Robert Baker, Vice President Sales and Marketing
American HealthTech