Sales Training Customer Showcase: Success Stories

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Dataiku Establish a Single Process to Create a Scalable Sales Organization

Bonitasoft Achieves Sales Success with CustomerCentric Selling®, Improving Customer Satisfaction, Renewal Rate and Increasing Upsell

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Sales Organization Increases Opportunity Size and Shortens Sales Cycle Using the CustomerCentric Selling® Approach

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Dataiku Establish a Single Process to Create a Scalable Sales Organization

Bonitasoft Achieves Sales Success with CustomerCentric Selling®, Improving Customer Satisfaction, Renewal Rate and Increasing Upsell

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Sales Organization Increases Opportunity Size and Shortens Sales Cycle Using the CustomerCentric Selling® Approach

Daryl Flood Significantly and Consistently Increases Revenue and Expands the Client Portfolio in a Competitive Marketplace Using CCS®

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps IB Grow the Customer Portfolio through Improved Sales Performance

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Zend Achieve Remarkable Multiyear Results and Boost Sales Performance

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Archiva Gain Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

CustomerCentric Selling® Provides Metso with Concrete Sales Tools and a Defined Sales Process to Improve Sales Performance

CustomerCentric Selling® Empowers Berner International to Improve Sales Performance through a Disciplined Sales Approach

CustomerCentric Selling® Enables QlikTech to Improve Sales Performance with Impressive Results

Accept Software Uses CustomerCentric Selling® for Salesforce® to Fully Leverage and Adhere to the CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Methodology

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps NorthEast Electrical Improve Sales Performance and Seize Control of Market Share

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps Graebel Relocation Achieve Record Sales Performance

CustomerCentric Selling® Helps acrolinx Unify and Standardize the Sales Process

Knovel sales team achieves over 200% growth over the prior year by successfully utilizing the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Scholle® Packaging Asia Pacific Division increase revenue and expand into new, emerging markets.

Altia leverages CustomerCentric Selling® to achieve improved forecasting accuracy and better reach decision makers.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps first client, SymQuest, transform the sales organization into a formula for consistent revenue success for nearly a decade.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Axient increase revenue by 2.1 million over the first 12 months.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Blackbaud increase productivity by over 23% with a consultative sales process.

Siemens Energy Embraces CustomerCentric Selling® to Increase Revenue and Shorten the Sales Cycle.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Futrix™ sustain rapid growth with increased revenue generation and improved sales skills through a customer-focused approach.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Workspace Commercial Furniture achieve significant revenue growth by over 15% improve sales efficiencies and increase win rate by 30%.

BCC Software embraces the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology and increases new software sales by over 60%

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Delta Associates define a sales process, better manage the pipeline and improve performance.

Imation skillfully leverages CustomerCentric Selling® to grow revenue, improve forecast accuracy and reduce ramp-up time.

CustomerCentric Selling® methodology helps Ixonos improve sales forecasting accuracy and pipeline management.

Dassault Systémes Delivers CustomerCentric Selling® to over 800 Sales Marketing Employees Worldwide

CustomerCentric Selling® marks first ever sales process implemented in Integrity Data history.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Halcom boost revenue by over 19 percent.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Decision Dynamics produce record revenue through facilitating greater value for customers.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps AgraQuest achieve greater confidence in forecasting and improved qualification skills.

CustomerCentric Selling® empowers AtStaff to better qualify, more accurately forecast and close more deals.

CustomerCentric Selling® takes the pain out of prospecting for BSD's salesforce, unleashing greatly improved skills and sales performance.

CustomerCentric Selling® to play a key role in helping Datalliance double its business and sales force in two years.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Datotel keep pace with its increasing business and demands of a fast growing sales force.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps transform and improve the way Descartes sells and connects with its customers.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Endforce increase their pipeline by 350% with 100% forecasting accuracy.

CustomerCentric Selling® arms the Eqecat salesforce with the skills and power needed to improve performance.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Free Clear increase their pipeline by 76% and close 150% more in annualized sales.

ILOG increases average revenue per customer and reduces number of losses with CustomerCentric Selling®.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps L-3's sales channel achieve an astonishing 140% of YTD quota by mid-year.

Leadership Strategies makes strides in improving revenue to surpass company records - all with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Macrovision attains near perfect forecasting accuracy and boosts sales pipeline with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Using CustomerCentric Selling®, a Materials Handling Company is able to find and secure the right 'champions.'

CustomerCentric Selling® helps MDI optimize resources to increase sales by 40% while cutting the sales cycle in half.

NetQos revolutionizes sales culture and breaks company records with the power of CustomerCentric Selling®.

Network security company sets company records by embracing and leveraging CustomerCentric Selling®.

OnCenter ingrains CustomerCentric Selling® into their core sales culture and reaps the many benefits that it yields.

OpenTV learns to better qualify prospects and optimize pipeline with CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.

PtCT improves revenue by 48% and increases total number of systems sold by 83% with CustomerCentric Selling®.

Pindar's sales management embraces increased confidence in forecasting accuracy and optimized sales performance with CustomerCentric Selling®.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Pronto Connections close over $1.5 million in just 60 days and nearly doubles revenue growth for the year.

Through effective Sales Ready Messaging® with a common set of processes and tools, Pronto Networks better connects with customers.

Quova increases transaction size by 45%, learns how to better qualify prospects and effectively allocate resources using CCS®.

RedDot sees a 19-day reduction in their sales cycle, a $30,000 increase in an average sale and improved revenue.

Relocation Services Company cuts time from new hire to first sale by 19 months and greatly increases transaction size.

CustomerCentric Selling® methodology helps Solutions II increase revenue and profitability by more than 22%.

SCG optimizes sales performance by cutting their sales cycle and increasing the size of their opportunities.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Sphinx Group close more leads faster and better identify qualified opportunities.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Temporary Staffing Company boost margins and improve sales growth.

CustomerCentric Selling® significantly boosts Torani's win rate and greatly improves individual sales performance.

Tridium beats its own growth plan by 30% using the power of the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology.

UBS increases revenue, cuts time from hire-to-first sale in half and dramatically improves forecasting accuracy.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps VersionOne achieve significant results by more than doubling its sales in one year.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Yipes increase the quality of their pipeline and improve forecasting accuracy by 96%.