OMG Sales Specific Assessments

Looking for new sellers? Want insight into the ones you already have?

CustomerCentric Selling® now offers sales specific assessments for clients and prospects that will help improve sales performance and assist with the hiring process.

Powered by the Objective Management Group (OMG), the Sales Specific Assessments help organizations:

  • Learn how to tell the difference between CAN sell versus WILL sell.
  • Learn the differentiating factors of top performers versus mediocre performers that look good and sound good in the interview but can't sell once hired.
  • Understand the "will to sell" and why it is crucial to sales success.
  • Identify the required "Sales DNA" that is customized to the organization's business, prospects, sales cycle, process, environment, and culture. This Sales DNA must be present for sales success.
  • Hire smarter with trusted and proven assessments that are backed by science.


Want to know how costly hiring the wrong personnel can be to your organization? There is a free trial, "Sales Candidate Assessment," available that can be accessed here:

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Interested in trying one of the OMG Sales Specific Assessments?

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