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Sales Training Success - Sphinx

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Published: Friday, July 8, 2011

Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps Sphinx Group close more leads faster and better identify qualified opportunities.

Business Problem
Rob Keizer, a certified Microsoft Business Partner, attended a CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop, hosted by Microsoft Business Solutions, because he wanted to improve revenue and close ratios. The challenges he faced in reaching his goals were:

  • Too much time working on unqualified leads that never closed.
  • The time and effort to process new leads was taking away time from working more qualified leads.
  • Sales cycle was too long- an average of three or more months.

The CustomerCentric Selling® Solution
With CustomerCentric Selling®, the capabilities Rob defined were:

  • To quickly qualify opportunities and to know when to walk away so he could spend time working on qualified opportunities.
  • A way to manage and control the sales process to move through the sales cycle more quickly.

CustomerCentric Selling® provided him with these capabilities.

Sales training

After conducting a customized CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop for several Microsoft Business Partners, Pat Dougherty (the CustomerCentric Selling® Instructor and Business Partner) followed up with all of the partners to measure their results listed below.

Client Benefits:

  • Reduced length of sales cycle by 17%
  • Average transaction size increased by 11%
  • Both revenue and profitability increased by more than 22%
  • Customer satisfaction ratings jumped from 85% to 92%

"After attending the sales training in April, I closed four new Microsoft CRM deals in the remainder of the 2nd quarter. I definitely improved my skills with qualifying and moving through the sales process more quickly."

--Rob Keizer, Sphinx Group, a Certified Microsoft Business Partner

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