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Siemens Energy Shares Sales Training Success Story

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Published: Monday, November 22, 2010

Siemens Energy Boosts Revenue and Shortens the Sales Cycle with the CustomerCentric Selling® Methodology


Bosworth & Kenney Selling Delivers CustomerCentric Selling® to Help Siemens Energy Increase Sales by 38 Percent and Decrease the Sales Cycle by Two Months


Bosworth & Kenney Selling, a CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner led by Steve Bosworth and Mike Kenney, announced earlier this year that Siemens Energy has increased sales by over 38 percent while decreasing the sales cycle with the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology. Siemens Energy is the world's leading supplier of a wide range of products, solutions and services for power generation, transmission and distribution as well as for the production, conversion and transport of the primary fuels oil and gas.

Siemens Energy approached Bosworth & Kenney Selling in January of 2008 seeking an organizational sales process that would provide a consistent, repeatable and measurable approach to finding, engaging, selling and managing new opportunities in the energy sector. Mike Korf, Director of Sales & Marketing for Siemens Energy U.S Operations specifically defined their goal to increase new business revenue while decreasing the length of the buying/selling cycle. In the first twelve months after implementing and adopting the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process methodology, new business sales revenues increased by 38 percent and the average length of the buying/selling cycle decreased by two months. Another unanticipated result was the reduction in discounting and concessions across the board, attributed to the emphasis placed on the Negotiating Labs incorporated in the CustomerCentric Selling® training and implementation.

Mike Korf, Director of Sales & Marketing for Siemens Energy U.S. Operations states, "The CustomerCentric Selling® sales process methodology has enabled us to greatly improve our sales performance in many areas, which is particularly significant considering the current down economy and competitive marketplace."

Steve Bosworth of Bosworth & Kenney Selling adds, "We are extremely pleased with the many positive results Siemens Energy has seen since their training and implementation. Their success is evidence that the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology can prevail even in the most turbulent of economic climates."

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