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Sales Training Book: CustomerCentric Selling® Second Edition

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Published: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CustomerCentric Selling® Second Edition

Co-authored by CustomerCentric Selling® Co-founder Mike Bosworth, Co-founder John Holland and Co-founder Frank Visgatis

Published: January 2010 (McGraw-Hill)

When initially released in 2003, CustomerCentric Selling® provided a new approach focused on empowering people to buy rather than selling them. Since that time, the Internet, initially embraced by vendors, has allowed buyers to research offerings, determine requirements and even create short lists of vendors prior to talking to a salesperson. Buying experiences that start electronically have become the rule rather than the exception.

As proponents of allowing people to buy, it is unfortunate that most vendors failed to redefine their views of selling. Organizations clinging to traditional selling approaches run the risk of being out of alignment with new buying behaviors. Product and pricing advantages are fleeting at best. With Sales Ready Messaging® as a cornerstone, the new edition lays out an approach to making the buying experience a sustainable competitive advantage by implementing sales process.

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