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Sales Training Article: 2014 Resolutions

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Published: Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sales Training Article: 2014 Resolutions

By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company

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sales training workshops2013 winds down, people think about prospects for the New Year. As with most recent years, it has been a good year for buyers (lookers?) that want to learn about offering but don't want to talk with salespeople.

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If you're looking for suggestions for making 2014 resolutions, here's an edit of a blog I posted a year ago:

1. Use the term buying (rather than sales) cycle. It should be more about the buyer and less about you.

2. Do a search and replace to use the term transaction rather than deal when discussing opportunities with your manager. It minimizes the chance of using the term in front of buyers.

3. Review your company's collateral. If none of it is relevant to executive levels, make people aware that business-focused material is needed. Executives are most concerned with usage and results.

4. Do thorough diagnoses before discussions about your offerings.

5. If a buyer has done research via the Internet and social networking, begin calls by finding out what they've learned and what requirements they have established.

6. Withdraw proposals that are more than 60 days old. Unlike fine red wine, they don't improve with age. Holding onto them gives seller false hope in distorting views of the pipeline.

7. Refrain from negotiating unless you are the vendor of choice.

8. Help customers quantify the results they've achieved by using your offerings. It's good reinforcement of their making good decisions and you can leverage their results with prospects.

9. Don't close until buyers have everything needed to make decisions. Until reaching that point, you're pressuring them.

10. If you can't answer the question: "Why would the prospect buy?" realize you don't have a qualified opportunity.

Best wishes for the holidays and for 2014! 

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