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Sales Training Success: NetQos Breaks Company Records with CCS™

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Published: Friday, July 22, 2011

Sales Training Success: NetQos revolutionizes sales culture and breaks company records with the power of CustomerCentric Selling®.

Business Problem
CustomerCentric Selling® began working with NetQoS' Sales and Marketing leadership team, to help them achieve their two primary objectives: (1) More accurately predict revenue and (2) Meet an aggressive quarter-over-quarter revenue growth plan.

Working with CustomerCentric Selling®, the company began assessing NetQoS' current sales and marketing environment to identify the issues and obstacles. They quickly identified that there was a large constituency of technical and engineering buyers; however, executives at the highest levels were unaware of what NetQoS' products and services could do to benefit their companies. NetQoS realized that they were able to clearly communicate the value of their offerings at a technical level to technical buyers; however, they were inconsistently communicating the value at the executive levels. NetQoS also realized that their customer's buying and evaluation processes were very lengthy. This led to inconsistent forecasts and lost business due to buying priorities shifting over time.

The CustomerCentric Selling® Solution
After working with CustomerCentric Selling®, NetQoS identified that the following capabilities were needed to address these issues and achieve their aggressive growth plans:

NetQoS wanted to implement a "metrics-focused" selling process that included the best practices of their most successful sales people. This process could not be cumbersome for their salespeople to follow and one that management could audit and reinforce.

They wanted to develop a Sales-Ready Toolkit that salespeople could use during the sales process, helping them execute each step. The core of this Toolkit would be used by salespeople during their conversations with buyers, so they could focus on better diagnosing the needs of buyers and more consistently positioning the way customers use their offerings.

Sales skills improvement 

Once NetQoS defined their process and developed the Toolkit, they wanted to train their sales and marketing team during an intensive workshop on how to execute/repeat the process and use the tools.

After implementing CustomerCentric Selling®, NetQoS' senior management provided these capabilities to their sales and marketing people. As a result, NetQoS experienced the following early results:

  • For the two consecutive quarters immediately following their sales training workshop, revenue grew 39% in Q3 as compared to the previous baseline and 69% in Q4, compared to that same baseline. These revenue increases also marked the company's two largest revenue quarters in the company's history.
  • Increased average revenue per customer by 29%
  • Created a common language used by everyone inside NetQoS to articulate product attributes and customer uses.
  • Increased forecast accuracy by 32%.

"I strongly believe that the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology is the right approach and it is even more important in the current economic conditions."

--Joel Trammell, CEO of NetQoS

Benefits to NetQos:

  • Increased forecast accuracy by 32%
  • Increased average revenue per customer by 29%
  • Revenue grew 39% for two consecutive quarters, setting company record for two largest sales quarters
  • Common language and set of tools to guide salespeople in better aligning their products' value with clients' needs

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