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Sales Training Success: CCS™ Helps Free & Clear Boost Pipeline by 76% and Close 150% in Annualized Sales

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Published: Monday, August 8, 2011

Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps Free & Clear increase their pipeline by 76% and close 150% more in annualized sales.

Business Problem
Free & Clear (F&C) began evaluating CustomerCentric Selling® with primary goals of the executive team that included improving the sales pipeline and revenue performance, specifically to double revenue in the next year. The challenges they faced in reaching their goals were:

  • Bringing new hires up to speed
  • Not all sales people were comfortable talking to the CXOs, specifically Finance
  • Sales people sometimes get bogged down with "product features" instead of focusing on value
  • Sales cycles dragged on and sales people rarely walked away

The reasons they weren't able to achieve their goals was that the company recognized that its sales force was being reactive, rather than in control of the sales process. The sales team was selling their features first. The VP of Sales had said, "Previously, we would jump at the opportunity to rush in for a command performance of a hundred PowerPoint slides and a demo, with little success." Too often, the sales people spent all of their time with below the line people, immersed in technical details, only to be disappointed when decisions made at higher levels favored market share leaders.

The CustomerCentric Selling® Solution
Working with CustomerCentric Selling®, the capabilities Free & Clear defined were:

  • Better understanding of their target markets, key players, and knowing what to say to them
  • Penetrating accounts to get to the decision maker
  • Focusing on value with the customer
  • Improving qualification techniques and knowing when to walk away
  • Better control of the sales cycle by getting agreement from the buyer on a timeline

CustomerCentric Selling® provided F&C with these capabilities.

Sales training company 

After conducting a customized CustomerCentric Selling® sales training workshop, Pat Dougherty (the CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner) worked with the VP of Sales for F&C to measure the results, which included:

  • The sales pipeline increased by 76%
  • Revenues for Q1 were 56% higher than Q1 of the previous year
  • Closed 150% more in new annualized sales in Q1 from what was originally predicted

"I had hired a group of very seasoned and professional sales executives. However, even they benefited from the CCS™ workshop. There is always room to improve performance and be reminded of the right way to sell. Pat was able to connect well with my staff and clearly articulate new strategies for effective selling."

--Former VP of Sales for Free & Clear

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Benefits to Free & Clear (F&C):

  • Sales pipeline increased by 76%
  • Post-implementation, revenues were 56% higher than one year earlier
  • Closed 150% more in new annualized sales from what was originally predicted
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