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Sales Training Success - CCS Helps Decision Dynamics

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Published: Friday, February 25, 2011

Sales Training Success: CustomerCentric Selling® helps Decision Dynamics produce record revenue through facilitating greater value for customers.

Business Problem

Decision Dynamics Technology (Decision Dynamics), a premier supplier of software products and services for financial controls, capital projects, operations and maintenance, enlisted the help of Michael Harris, CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, to study their challenges and develop the sales process that would address those challenges and help them achieve their goals. Decision Dynamics' primary challenge was navigating through a sales culture that was product-centric and focused on selling features and functionality instead of focusing on the tremendous value their product is delivering to clients.

The CustomerCentric Selling® Solution

In applying a customer-centric approach, Decision Dynamics' sales force is now able to first have meaningful conversations with customers as business improvement consultants rather than salespeople, which then allows them to best address their customers' business pains with Decision Dynamics' solutions.

Since the CustomerCentric Selling® workshop and implementation, Decision Dynamics has seen a remarkable 65 percent increase in pipeline and will be delivering record Q2 revenues. To further reinforce the implementation, Decision Dynamics uses CCS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure they are deriving value for the customer through such tools as a champion letter or a value sheet to disqualify opportunities that waste company resources where the prospect is unable or unwilling to commit to solving their business pain and obtaining the resulting return on investment (ROI). These KPIs are allowing Decision Dynamics to measure not just activity but overall sales effectiveness. Moreover, Decision Dynamics' sales force is not only measured on revenue when compensated, but also whether or not they utilized the sales process and used it effectively.

"With CustomerCentric Selling®, our salespeople have completely shifted how they approach prospects, going from product to business results and seeking strong ROI with aid of the CCS Solution Development Prompter™ (SDP). If the prospect is not willing to explore the potential ROI from using Decision Dynamics Solutions, they move on to the next opportunity, whereas before we would end up wasting valuable time and resources."

-Jason MacVicar, EVP of Sales for Decision Dynamics Technology

Further, the entire Decision Dynamics organization, including Accounting, Marketing, Product Development, Sales, and Support, is using the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology as a common and coordinating organizational framework for working and communicating with their prospects and clients. This coordinating framework is allowing Decision Dynamics to focus on the solving the customer's problems and driving improvements to their customers' bottom line results.

Benefits to Decision Dynamics:

  • 65% increase in pipeline
  • Improved sales performance
  • Record revenue performance
  • Defined, customer-centric sales approach that helps sales provide greater value for customers and better connect with prospects
  • Framework for all organizations to better communicate and collaborate with a consistent language and repeatable, predictable process
  • Toolsets with KPI's and SDP's to measure value and sales effectiveness for optimal ROI
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