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Sales Training Success - Datotel Uses CCS to Meet Business Objectives

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Published: Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CustomerCentric Selling® helps Datotel keep pace with its increasing business and demands of a fast growing sales force.

Business Problem

Datotel's primary challenge was related to limited access to intellectual property around sales practices. Best selling practices resided in the heads of the CSO and CEO, which made the processes difficult to share and replicate with new sales people joining the team. Therefore, the CSO lacked a way to make new sales people productive in a short period of time which resulted in longer on-boarding periods. An added challenge was that Datotel planned on doubling the size of its sales force in year one - and tripling it by year two, which meant speeding the ramp-up time was imperative. In addition, the CSO engaged in personal selling and was limited in his time to train new sales people, compounding the business challenge.

The CustomerCentric Selling® Solution

Datotel considered both CustomerCentric Selling® and Sandler Systems in its decision to bring in a sales methodology expert. Based on his own experience, Andy Belval, VP of Sales & Marketing for Datotel, convinced President David Brown, that CustomerCentric Selling® was indeed the best option to meet their needs. With the assistance of Jay Staley, CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, Datotel conducted their first ever CustomerCentric Selling® workshop at their facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

Once they completed the CustomerCentric Selling® workshop, Datotel's sales management learned to find ways to codify best selling practices and train their sales organization accordingly. To ensure success and continued improvement, they also identified a system of milestones and deliverables that they could inspect for coaching their sales people on key opportunities and for identifying selling skill deficiencies as they work through their sales process.

As a result, Datotel is now on pace to meet their plan for doubling revenue and continues to use the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology to on-board their ever-growing sales force as they move forward.

"CustomerCentric Selling® has allowed Datotel to remove a full month from the on-boarding process for our new sellers allowing them to navigate a very complex sales process in rapid fashion."

-Andy Belval, VP of Sales & Marketing for Datotel

Benefits to Datotel:

  • Codify best selling practices and train the sales organization accordingly
  • Identify and map to a system of milestones and deliverables for coaching opportunities and identifying skill deficiencies
  • Accelerated on-boarding time of all new sales people, reducing by one full month
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