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Sales Training: 5 Questions

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Published: Monday, November 21, 2011

Sales Training Article: 5 Tips for More Effective Questioning

by Art Sobczak,  

We all know we should ask questions. But the effort is wasted if they're not asked in the right way, or if you don't listen to the answers.

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Here are five quick tips that are sure to make your questioning more effective:

  1. Ask one question at a time. If it's not important enough to stand on its own, don't ask it.
  2. After you ask it, be quiet. If your prospect doesn't answer immediately, resist the urge to answer for him or follow up with another question. He is likely thinking about what he is going to say.
  3. After your prospect has apparently finished, remain quiet for 1-2 more seconds. You might get additional information, and this ensures you don't interrupt.
  4. Follow-up with a related question. Don't ping-pong around from subject to subject. For example, if your prospect answers, "I believe the main problem we have right now is a lack of motivation," a logical next query would be, "Oh, what are some specific situations where you've seen a lack of motivation?"
  5. Be confident in your questioning. One reason people ask multiple questions is that they aren't comfortable asking questions. The only way you're going to truly help someone is by finding out about him. You're not intruding. You're assisting.
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