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Sales Training Approach: Target Business People

Traditional salespeople gravitate toward the users of their products while CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople target business decision makers. The strength of traditional salespeople lies in talking about their offerings, and users are the most likely group to be interested in this approach. In order for a salesperson to have the confidence to approach a conversation with business people, they must be prepared to engage in business conversations. A business conversation includes why the product is needed, how it would be used to achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need, and the cost versus the benefit of using it.

Because most organizations are giving salespeople "noun" oriented product training - all about the product but little about how it is used situationally. Traditional sellers have no choice but to gravitate to the people who are able to understand the product as they have been trained to relate it - trained users. CustomerCentric Selling® maps out how marketing departments can transition from product training to product usage training by creating Sales Ready Messaging® for consulting engagements with decision makers. Our CustomerCentric Selling® selling techniques will enable and empower the traditional sales force to target business people and engage in CustomerCentric Selling® conversations.