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Sales Training Approach: Solutions Focused

Traditional sellers are relationship focused and CustomerCentric Selling® sellers are solution focused. Why? If you think about it, it is impossible to be solution focused if the seller does not understand how the buyer will use his offering to achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need. Most sales organizations commission their product marketing department to teach salespeople about their products.

Product marketing is famous for being able to tell you all about their products, but typically is unable to tell you how their products are used, particularly how their use is viewed by decision makers and decision influencers. The rare product marketers who do understand the usage of their products do so at the user level, not the decision maker level. Salespeople who are not used to consulting with decision makers about product usage quickly gravitate to focusing on their relationship with their buyers as a survival technique. Many traditional salespeople have convinced themselves the seller with the strongest relationship will win. In selling situations where the seller is selling a commodity product to a repeat buyer, we agree. In selling situations where the buyer is attempting to achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need, we disagree.