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Sales Training Approach: Relate Product Usage

CustomerCentric Selling® conversations occur when sellers are able to relate conversationally with their buyers about product usage. Traditional salespeople working for traditional organizations using traditional product marketing approaches have no choice but to rely on their product to create interest and educate their buyers in the hope the buyer will figure out for herself how she would use the product. Geoffrey Moore's book Crossing the Chasm first highlighted the difficulty technology companies face when they run out of Innovators and Early Adopters. How many technology companies have been seduced by early market buyers who were sufficiently smart and innovative to figure out their own product usage from a traditional product presentation?

Seduced in the sense that as early sales came readily, they began believing they were superior sellers and marketers. A common strategy for companies inventing disruptive technologies is to find a "guru" to endorse the technology, write a "white paper", hire a good PR firm and hit a couple of technology trade shows. "Sales" take off! Do you really think there was much selling (helping the potential customer visualize how he can achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need by using the new technology) going on, or were the innovators and early adopters at the trade show smart enough to figure usage out on their own?

We are frequently hired by companies who have fallen into the "chasm". They have run out of innovators and early adopters, and now they have to figure out how to get prospects who don't know they need their offering and don't have a vision of how they would use it, to buy. This is where sellers who practice CustomerCentric Selling® succeed. For organizations who don't have enough naturally CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople on their payroll, our methodology will help you become buyer-focused through the CustomerCentric Selling® sales process. It will give you a framework for creating Sales Ready Messaging® (aka product usage messaging) that will enable your traditional salespeople to evolve to CustomerCentric Selling®, the winning sales approach.