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Sales Training Approach: Manage Their Managers

We believe most traditional salespeople need to be managed because they work for traditional sales managers. Traditional sales managers monitor activity rather than progress. Why? Most don't have "progress" defined in their sales process. Most don't have a way to evenly grade opportunities across multiple people and offices. And, most don't have a defined sales process.

Most sales managers were promoted to the position not because of their management aptitude, but because they sold the most. Sales mangers who relate to this situation are forced to manage activity. They "manage" things like cold calls, letters, demonstrations and proposals - activity rather than progress. They monitor quantity of activity with limited or no ability to influence the quality of activity.

CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople are able to converse situationally and ask relevant questions to empower business decision makers to achieve their goals, solve their problems or satisfy their needs. Their managers simply need to monitor and report their progress. CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople call on their managers when they need company resources to help them make a sale. They might need an executive sales call, a headquarters visit, pre-sales technical consulting, extra administrative support, etc. CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople are able to get the support they need from their managers when they need it because they are able to demonstrate via correspondence with their prospects they have earned the right to finite company resources.