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Sales Training Approach: Empower Buyers

For years we have asked salespeople in our seminars to take out a blank sheet of paper, pretend they are the author of their own dictionary, and define selling. It never ceases to amaze us the perception "professional" salespeople have of their own profession. They invariably define selling as convincing, persuading, getting someone else to do what you want, handling or overcoming objections, taking at least 5 "NO's" before giving up, negotiating to get what YOU want, and of course, the big one - closing. ABC - always be closing, close early and close often. Is it any wonder most people, even salespeople, do not like being approached by salespeople? Most buyers, when asked to describe salespeople come back with adjectives like aggressive, insincere, pushy, manipulative, over-familiar, prone to exaggerate, poor listeners, and so forth. When asked to net it down to one word, the number one negative response we get from buyers when we ask them to think about the salespeople in their lives, the word we get is pressure. They feel pushed, manipulated, pressured into doing things they end up wishing they hadn't.

We have taught thousands of "non-salespeople" how to sell. By non-salespeople, we mean people who do not want to think of themselves as salespeople - engineers, accountants, lawyers, consultants, scientists. The key to helping non-salespeople learn to sell is the same for helping professional salespeople improve their skills and success. We have to help them reframe their concept of selling. CustomerCentric Selling® is empowering the buyer to achieve their goals, solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

Think about the engineer non-salesperson. Engineers love to help people solve problems. Engineers do not want to be traditional salespeople, but they love to be CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople. We believe a seller's objective, going into a new relationship with a buyer, should be to help the buyer achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need and she should be willing to leave if she doesn't believe she can do so. Our CustomerCentric Selling® selling techniques will help you do just that. Think about how much different the tone of the first meeting will be compared to a first call by a traditional salesperson.