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Sales Training Approach: Converse Situationally

Traditional salespeople rely on making presentations and embrace applications like PowerPoint. It enables them to lower the lights and add "excitement" in the form of emphasis and animation. We believe it is possible to converse with audiences using PowerPoint (rather than present to them), but it is more difficult. When senior executives see salespeople enter their offices with a laptop under their arm, many roll their eyes and look at their watch. Here is the issue - in order to converse rather than present, a salesperson must be able to relate his or her offering to the buyer in a way that will allow the buyer to visualize using it to achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need. Only a small percentage of salespeople are able to effectively converse with decision makers. Presentation software can disable even those talented few. CustomerCentric Selling® can help the rest of us engage in relevant, situation specific conversations with decision makers without having to resort to pre-ordered slide presentations.