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Sales Training Approach: Ask Relevant Questions

Traditional salespeople tend to offer their opinions to their buyers while CustomerCentric Selling® salespeople have the ability to ask relevant questions. Why is this difference important? Most people, when in the role of a buyer, resent being controlled or pressured by a seller. Most sellers come to a vision of a solution to their buyer's problem before their buyer. When a traditional seller "sees" the solution, they often project that "vision" onto the buyer with statements or opinions such as, "in order to deal with that problem you will need our seamlessly integrated software solution." Do we now? Most people don't even like their loved ones telling them what they need, much less a salesperson. We have found top performing salespeople leverage their expertise with CustomerCentric Selling® techniques, asking questions rather than offering opinions. Another advantage of questions versus opinions is that as long as a buyer is being asked intelligent questions, the buyer is then capable of answering that he or she does not feel like being sold. People love to buy, but hate feeling sold.