Meet My CCS® Coach: Sales Training Reinforcement and Sales Coaching Tool

Companies invest billions every year on sales training. Astonishingly, much of that investment is squandered. Without implementation and reinforcement, as much as 90% of the techniques and principles taught in class can be forgotten in just a few months. The fault doesn't lie with deficient training programs. It's just impossible to master new techniques without proper implementation and ongoing coaching.

What Is My CCS® Coach?

For the first time, business has access to breakthrough technology that all but guarantees a company's sales training investment will be converted into a more effective sales force and increased revenue.

Built on the ACTO platform, My CCS® Coach provides flexibility for both desktop and mobile users. This powerful coaching tool comes complete with ActionPacks™ that are designed with modules that closely follow the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology and workshop manual. Users are provided Actions to complete within each ActionPack™, with an entire curriculum of explanatory videos, templates, and step-by-step instructions that has been customized to reinforce every part of the CCS® sales process. As they complete each Action, they can view their progress and daily tasks. The coaching app also has user feedback built into the interface so effectiveness and user insight can be monitored and shared for future improvements/updates.

Salespeople are better able to internalize the sales methodology and adhere to the sales process with "just-in-time situational learning" that is accessible either from their desks or from their smartphones. Now, sales teams can hit the ground running on the Monday morning after training and make the CCS® process work for them every day forward.

Who Can Get My CCS® Coach?

My CCS® Coach is ONLY available to CustomerCentric Selling® clients and their students who have completed CustomerCentric Selling® sales training. As part of the inclusive training package and to help support sales process adoption beyond the classroom, My CCS® Coach is offered as a subscription (for purchase) to all CustomerCentric Selling® clients post-workshop. (For questions about pricing, please click here to submit your inquiry.) The mobile version of the app (ACTO) is available for both iOS and Android users via the AppStore and Google Play.

I already attended a CustomerCentric Selling® workshop. How can I get access to My CCS® Coach?

Since My CCS® Coach is available only to those clients that have record with us of attending a CCS® workshop, subscriptions can only be made at the corporate level. If your team has gone through CCS® training and you'd like to get your sellers signed up, please send an email to us by clicking here.