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Sales Training: New Prospecting Workshop

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Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sales Training News: Prospecting & Business Development™ Workshop Designed to Arm the Sales Team with CustomerCentric Tactics to Better Identify and Engage with Prospects

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS™), a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance, this week announced the addition of the Prospecting & Business Development™ Workshop to its sales training workshop offerings. Prospecting is necessary and difficult in today's competitive marketplace, and buyers are much more informed than ever with the advent of the Internet and social media. For these reasons, CustomerCentric Selling® is now offering this valuable workshop to isolate and address the prospecting approach with a customer-centric sales process.

In this sales training workshop, traditional prospecting practices are evaluated and shown how they are no longer effective; for all intensive purposes, cold calling is dead. Simply ask the prospect receiving the cold call or the salesperson instructed to make those calls with continued poor results. This new workshop was developed with the understanding that companies do not want their high-priced sales talent spending their valuable selling time placing unanswered phone calls and leaving voicemails that are routinely deleted. Prospecting has changed, but many salespeople have not changed or adjusted their prospecting methods and habits accordingly.

According to Gary Walker, Executive Vice President of Channel Sales & Operations, states, "This workshop introduces prospecting methods and strategies for making the prospecting and business development process more customer-centric, while making salespeople more successful in how they engage and approach the targeted prospect individual." He adds, "Salespeople will learn how to engage with these individuals understanding what is important to them, while learning how to use available technology to become more productive and efficient prospectors."

Prospects are more than leads - they are people. A good salesperson will learn how to efficiently target and identify them, but beyond that, the truly successful salesperson will know how to effectively engage with them and remain relevant.  Click here to read the complete press release announcement or click here to view more information about the workshop.

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