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Q. Do you offer online courses?

A. Our primary focus is providing the skills necessary to improve sales results so we currently leverage distance learning as:

  • A pre-requisite for attending leader-lead workshops that is limited to providing knowledge of some of the terms and concepts that are the foundation of CCS®.
  • Reinforcement post-workshop of the knowledge and skills that students learned.

Q. What advantage is there to a classroom, instructor-led workshop over an online course?

A. Sales managers can ask or tell a seller to perform at higher levels. The elephant in the room is that many lack the requisite skills, so the chances of improving are slim.

We believe, online courses are best suited to provide knowledge but in order to achieve behavior modification (the ultimate goal of training) it is necessary to be in a classroom environment and be coached during role-play sessions where skills are practiced so that when calling on buyers, sellers are better prepared to execute the process.

A person could read every book on golf, yet there simply is no substitute for having a competent professional a person's swing and begin to show how to correct flaws that exist.

Q. I'm not sure where to start with which areas my team needs help. What specific sales skills does your workshop cover?

A. We cover the spectrum starting with buyer awareness (lead generation), need development, qualifying, managing buying committees, establishing value, closing, negotiating and monitoring customer results. We appreciate that one size does not fit all and so our recommended approach is to have a small group of people attend a Public Sales Training Workshop to determine how the process fits your sales environment and what modification may be needed.

The vast majority of our clients are selling B2B offerings, but the steps in the process must be modified to reflect the size and complexity of transactions. Vendors with many different offerings may have to have different sets of milestones.

Q. Are your workshops geared to only sales reps, or can executives/management benefit from attending as well?

A. A characteristic of the most successful implementations of the CCS® sales process is executive support and commitment. Whenever possible we encourage senior executives to either attend workshops or at a minimum attend an executive overview to gain an understanding of how opportunities move through the funnel and how revenue forecasts will be created.

Another critical component is to get buy in by having first line sales managers attend workshops and drive compliance to the process by all their direct reports. Sellers learn how to execute calls by executing customized sales ready messaging® and document them in a way that allows the first line manager to be a second set of eyes. Pipeline management as well as an approach to assessing and developing selling skills is achieved by managers learning how to analyze each seller's pipeline.

Q. After the workshop, do you have any ongoing learning reinforcement tools?

sales training workshopA. As part of the all-inclusive workshop offering, CustomerCentric Selling® provides all students with access to My CCS® Coach, which serves as the post-workshop reinforcement needed to carry the lessons learned in class beyond the classroom and into daily practice. All students will receive the first 60 days of access for free. More information is available here.

Q. I don't know if my team can afford to be out of the field for 3 ½ days (core CCS® workshop). What is the benefit for them to attend your workshop over a shorter course?

A. There is seldom a good time to take salespeople out of the field and we appreciate that there must be an expectation of payback for doing so. If you review the many Success Stories from the Customer Showcase on our Website, you will see some strong results such as higher revenue, shorter sales cycles, larger average transactions size, reduced discounting, etc.

One of the common traits of B and C Players is that they spend time on unqualified opportunities that often result in losses or no decision. This happens because they can't always see the difference between activity and progress. After workshops, sales managers and sellers have a common lens through which to view opportunities. Sellers are taught to document their efforts in a way that allows the manager to be a second set of eyes to avoid wasting time, effort and resources on unqualified opportunities.

Q. How far in advance can I schedule a custom workshop for my sales team?

A. We would recommend the sooner the better in getting a jump start on planning your custom workshop.  By completing this contact form, we can work with you to determine the appropriate sales training program to be customized for your sales organization.  We will discuss your current challenges and the goals you would like to achieve by putting your team through training so we can help you make the most of your sales training investment.

Q. Are your workshops only for salespeople?

A. Clients typically want people that interface with customers and prospects to understand and execute the skills taught in CCS® workshops. It is also important in many cases for Marketing to support the sales team with sales ready messaging® and there are workshops that can be delivered for them.

Q. Do you have courses for inside sales or resellers?

A. We offer a workshop in business development for ISR's that are responsible for lead generation. If inside salespeople take opportunities further, they can be trained in the necessary skills to take opportunities to the point where they are turned over to outside sellers, or take buyers all the way through buying cycles.

We offer a ChannelCentric Selling™ Workshop for companies that sell through resellers which has 2 components:

1. Training for the CDM's (Channel Development Managers) to help them:

  • Recruit and manage new resellers
  • Support the efforts of sellers working for resellers
  • Manage the pipelines of resellers they are responsible for

2. Resellers can also offer customized training in executing the CCS® process.

Q. Are there workshops available worldwide? If so, in what languages?

A. We offer sales training workshops around the globe, including Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Canada. You can complete this form to speak to one of our sales training consultants about a custom workshop for your team, or you can view one of the public workshops available around the globe from our calendar here which is open to registration.

Q. Who are some of your 'high profile' clients?

A. CCS® has clients of all sizes, scale and industry worldwide, including many which such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, Rockwell Automation, EMC and Raytheon. You can view our complete Customer Showcase of many other clients, logos, video testimonials and case studies that represent a mere sampling of the reach we've achieved since our inception in 2002.

Q. Do you provide private/client workshops or just 'public' workshops?

A. We offer onsite, custom workshops for clients who wish to implement sales training that is developed and geared for their organization.  For those that may have a smaller organization or perhaps sales management that would like to first preview the methodology before going with a custom rollout, the public workshop is recommended.

Q. Where do I find client stories and testimonials on your Website?

A. You can view a complete library of client success stories, videos, logos and testimonials here from our Customer Showcase.

Q. I'd like to buy CustomerCentric Selling® books for all of my salespeople. Where is the best place to purchase them?

A. You can purchase our books from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  We provide links to each from our site. You can find them here:

CustomerCentric Selling® Second Edition: http://www.customercentric.com/browse-23502/Sales-Training-Book---Ccs-Second-Edition.html
Rethinking the Sales Cycle: http://www.customercentric.com/browse-23500/Sales-Training-Book---Rethinking-The-Sales-Cycle.html
The CustomerCentric Selling® Field Guide to Prospecting & Business Development: http://www.customercentric.com/browse-84743/Sales-Training-Book---Prospecting-And-Business-Dev.html

Q. I want to speak with someone about my sales team and what I would like to accomplish with them. What's next?

A. We would be delighted to help you and your team achieve your sales goals. Take the first step by contacting us so we can sit down and speak with you about your needs and what we can do to help.